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VIEREGG-RÖSSLER GmbH Innovative Verkehrsberatung

This is the Homepage of of VIEREGG-ROESSLER GmbH, a consultant company for public transport - especially railways - in Munich, Germany.

Most information about VIEREGG-ROESSLER GmbH here in the Internet is in german language.
Here you can read the homepage of VIEREGG-ROESSLER GmbH via Google Translate in english language.

We are writing economic and technical studies, e.g. about highspeed trains like the german ICE or the french TGV. We are planning new railway lines, optimize timetables and have got special computer programs for simulating railway traffic and constructing efficient new lines.

In 2021, we have studied alignments for California High-Speed Rail between Bakersfield and Burbank (LA) along Interstate I5 with only 10% brigdes and tunnels.

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