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The VIEREGG-ROESSLER GmbH Innovative Verkehrsberatung (Innovative Transport Consulting) is based in Munich. It was established in 1991. Consultancy on transport matters, with a special focus on railway transport, for associations, local communities, territorial authorities, chambers of commerce and industry, political parties, engineers and developers, as well as the transport industry and public transport companies.

The objective of our consultancy is to increase efficiency of transport infrastructure and operation, i.e. better cost-effectiveness, more environmental protection, shorter travel times, higher productivity and more passengers, respectively goods, being transported. A special focus is put on the economics of extension and new construction of lines.

If required, innovative solutions are developed (for the operation, the development of transport lines, and for combing different means of transport, etc.), including the revision of traditional planning principles.

The VIEREGG-RÖSSLER GmbH has a comprehensive, sound and solid know how; from railway infrastructure, railway engineering, business operations, cost of the railway, rolling material and operation, spatial design of integrating transport infrastructure, customer-oriented organisation of supply, and finally passenger information as well as public relations activities.

Highly specialised and powerful computer programmes, designed for that very purpose, are applied to create solutions for the following areas: operation, time tables, economics and infrastructure; especially for simulating train rides, drawing illustrated timetables, development and planning of extension and new construction of lines.

The software developed for simulating railway travel makes it possible to exactly calculate the duration of travel time and the speed of trains at any given spot on an existing line, and even for a line yet to be constructed. On the one hand, the computer based illustrated timetables are made up of simulated and simultaneous train rides. On the other hand, these illustrated timetables are designed to determine the capacity of lines, e.g. the length and time of two-track-sections and junction.

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The train rides which have been calculated on the basis of exact simulations are shown as graphic lines on the screen. The grey rectangles represent occupied block signals, the yellow rectangles show the areas between the secondary and the main signals ahead of occupied block signals.

With computer based planning for the construction of new lines it is possible to determine exactly the demand for earth masses respectively the supply, the length (and height) of artificial buildings, and most importantly, the specific investment costs. The computer then calculates the most appropriate course in altitude of a given line. This allows to minimise spoliation in the landscape and construction costs.

Areas of Consulting Services:

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